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All the software provided here is totally free and unlimited (no installation/activation/identification/registration or anything else required, just download, unzip and run). However, it is not open source.

I am developing it for my personal use and thought it might interest some others. It is provided as is and you can choose to use it if you wish (and you take responsibility for this).

All versions are unisex. There is no Metric or Imperial measurements. This means, that if you think of kg/meters when entering the values, the results will be in kg/meters. Same is for Imperial measurements. If if you think of pounds/feet when entering the values will be in pounds/feet.

If you have any problems, comments or requests concerning the software I provide, feel free to email me at info@beezgetz.com and I'll be pleased to exchange and maybe use your ideas to improve my applications (as long as I have time of courseā€¦).

To get your copy, do as follows:
Download the zip
Go down the folder(s) and click on Rig Them All.exe

Note: Update 18.2 2008
PC and Pocket PC calculations are compatibile. If you have done calculations
on Desktop PC, you can transfer files to Pocket PC. Same goes the other way,
if you have calculated load distribution on your Pocket PC, you can transfer them
to your Desktop PC.

Files on your Desktop PC are stored on C drive.
C:/Rigg Them All Projects/Project Name/(Calculators)/Files
Files on your Pocket PC are stored in My Documents.
My Documents/Rig Them All/(Calculators)/Files

You will notice, that for each calculation there are two (2) files for each calculation.
In order to successfuly transfer calculations, you have to copy both files! For Bridle: bridle.brd and bridle.log
For Truss: truss.trs and truss.log
For Grid: grid.grd and grid.log

Update 17.5.2008 (Version 1.1)
Desktop version and Pocket PC versions:
Bridle Calculator has Trim/Angle function
Truss Calculator has corrected picture drawings

Update 6.7.2008 (Version 1.1.1)
Desktop version:
Introducing Number Pad! If you leave this option checked, clicking on input boxes will
pop up the Number / Word Pad, so you can click away your numbers using mouse.
This eliminates using keyboard for entering numbers.
If you uncheck Number Pad option, or if you tab thruogh input boxes Number Pad will
not appear and you will be able to input the numbers manualy, via keyboard.

Update 13.7 2008 (Version 1.1.121)
Desktop version:
Small adjustments that I forgot during last update.
Rig Them All... Download